Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Girl Furniture

Well, folks, the Moffats have hit the big time. We got new furniture for the living room. Much needed. Much longed for. Much pined after. They aren't pine, though. They're dark brown (sooooo, we can't wreck them, right? Right?). Being a planner, I went online, got all the dimensions, threw a tape measure down on our living room floor, marked with masking tape the precise spot on each wall the the furniture would end at....and then, couches placed, saw that the tape pieces were overreached. Significantly.
You know, it's not helping to sell furniture by saying "oh, sure it'll fit" when it won't. Give me the real dimensions. The straight goods. Tell me flat out that the couches I want will not fit into the space that I have. Let me find another set. Sure, I love the first one, but I'm not hard to get along with....I can find something that will work (even though I might always wonder what could have been with the set I truly loved).
Tomorrow is my day of reckoning. The backordered corner wedge of the sectional will arrive on our doorstep between 12 and 2pm. The options as far as what can and might happen are as follows:
1. The wedge will fit and all will be right in the world.
2. The wedge will not fit, no matter how ridiculously tight I can get the end table against the far wall.
So let's carry on from option two. From here (it's like a choose-your-own-adventure book...remember those?) , there are a further two options:
1. The wedge goes back, and we keep the two couches and my sectional dream falls apart.
2. Dude, we totally get new smaller end table to make it work!

I can't lose here.  I cannot lose.

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