Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New, New, New

New, New, New....that's not just the sound that little red typewriter on Sesame Street made. You know the one from when you were little that would scoot across the screen....white m&m arms....wheels....he'd type one of his letters (weird) and it would get big and then we'd learn about the letter he'd picked?
Him.....he used to say "noo, noo, noo....nooony, noony, noo"
Well, this time it's MY refrain.
New Year
New Positive attitude
New job.   

**sound of tires screeching**

New job?  I thought you loved working at Reitman's? I thought you loved hanging the pants all at the same matching edge and making the hangers slide effortlessly across newly waxed metal bars?! 

I do!!! 
I did!!

The very last thing I did in the year 2010 was cry. Not hard...just a little tear that ran down my face as I lay falling asleep. I was looking back on a HORRIBLE year. Then, midnight husband called me a goof for something I'd done minutes earlier, and I laughed. The last thing I did in 2010 was cry. The first thing I did in 2011 was laugh. That had to mean something!

For a few days, I thought about it. 2011 was going to be just a total new life for me. I thought about how I would make it different...I'm going to laugh more, I'm going to cook more, I'm going to take better care of myself....these are all things that I can do for myself to make the future bright. But it felt like something bigger was in the works for me, and I didn't know what it was. I had talked a bit to a friend who was in business dealings and tossed ideas around....but it didn't look like that was going to become anything for the time being. So I waited to see what would come my way. I thought about making something happen. Although I love my job at Reitman's, there are few hours to go around at this time of year and I needed a few more. Should I hand out resumes? Call a temp agency? No, I just kept waiting...and then it came to me. No, it actually did. Not the idea. The call. Business was forging ahead and I was invited to be part of it. My "job interview" was more like a brainstorming session. I already had the job. This is it! The "new". The change.

T-Zone is a business that is going to interest some people and make the cynics doubt. I am going to prove it to myself, and then to anyone who wants to see it in action, that it works.

Whole Body Vibration has been used for 60 years, by NASA no less, for all sorts of health related improvements, and now that the machines are licensed by Health Canada, I can tell people exactly what the machines can do.

Ten minutes on a machine is equal to one hour in the gym. We're not talking weight lifting. We're talking health benefits.....weight loss, muscle strength, improved circulation, pain relief, improved bone density, physiotherapy,...the list goes on...and I can't wait to find out how long the list is!  I will try everything for myself before I tell people what it can do.

This job is going to entail nothing more than inviting people to do something to make themselves feel better. It takes my whole 2011 outlook and puts a sign on it. And the sign, in big orange letters, says "T-Zone Health".

Stay tuned!

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